Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Camping

We took the kids and went camping down to the Boulders. We talked Meg and Jeremy into coming with us, I think this weekend was some good birth control for them. It rained off and on a little, but not too bad. We took Nathans parents camper and the kids thought it was a huge treat to sleep in. Our little family.
Such a beautiful place.

We hiked down to a small waterfall right by our campsite, Singletree Falls.

Nathan bought ONE fishing pole for the kids to share this weekend. Besides the constant fighting over who got to use it, they absolutely loved it and it kept all three kids entertained for hours.

The view on our hike.

Our group sitting by the fire and roasting smores.

The girls were constantly laughing at something. I think this was when Micah was eating marshmallows off a stick he found.