Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm finally posting pictures of our trip to Hawaii- our camera died right before we left so we had to buy a new one and it's taken a minute to figure everything out! We spent a week in Maui and loved every minute of it. It's such a beautiful place and the weather was absolutely perfect. I think we should spend a week there every February, it was heaven to leave the cold and the smog of Utah and soak in the sun and the beaches! We spent alot of time on the beaches snorkeling, we hiked into the National Park and to see volcanoes, waterfalls, took a boat out to do some whale watching, and just took in the sun. Thanks to our parents and my siblings for taking the kids- it was a nice break!

Haleakala National Park (Volcano @ 9500 ft. elevation)

You could see the whales surfacing from the beach so we took a boat out to get a closer look. They are amazing and huge! It was crazy to see them jumping out of the ocean and swimming around with their babies. They were so close to our boat we could watch them swimming underneath the boat.
Black sand beaches.

We hiked up to this beautiful waterfall in the state park.

I love the colors, the green plants against the black rock and the blue ocean. Everything was so amazing.

So Beautiful.

I talked Nathan into a Hawaiian Luau.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


House Bill 187 is trying to limit public access to Utah's waters. You can try to read the whole bill but it is a little confusing. Google it and there are some good blog's out there to help you understand it. Plus the link below also gives you info about what is going on, so go there and if you feel that you don't agree with the bill please sign the petition.