Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hjorth Family Reunion

This weekend was the Hjorth Family Reunion at Aunt Kristine and Uncle Marks house. All the men went golfing and met up with us at the house later to swim. I think my kids grew fish gills on Saturday they were in the pool so long. They loved jumping off the diving board and just being with cousin Rylee. We had to coax them out to eat and then again to leave, they were in the pool about 6 hours and were sad when they had to get out. Maren and Nathan playing "Keep Away".
Hatalee doing some diving board tricks.
Maren, Hatalee, Micah and cousin Rylee from Las Vegas.
Micah and his "Pa".
Marens diving board tricks.
Hatalee waving underwater.
Aunt Mae-Mae and Micah.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer is Over..

Another sign summer is over- McKell leaving us to finish her LAST year at Utah State. We got together one last time for a hot dog roast, before she takes off in the morning. We've had so much fun with McKell around for the summer. I can't figure out why she wants to be with me and experience my mundane mom life, but she does and the kids can't get enough of her. We spent the week going to lunch and just playing around- one of Hatalee's friends told her mom she wished she had an Aunt Kell. I think we all do! Micah in true boy fashion poking and sticking things in the fire.
Mesmerized by the flames.
Mom and Hatalee with her Aunt Kell.
Mom, Myself, my Grandma, and my girls.
Grandma and Grandpa Murdock.
Jen, Kell, Me, Bre, Sedona, Maren, Mom and Hatalee together for a Girls Only picture.
Good Luck Kell, we're so excited this is your last year at school! Thanks for another fun summer! We love you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

Hatalee's first day of 3rd Grade. I can't believe summer is over and school has started. She woke up a little nervous and raced around the house getting breakfast for everyone and tidying up before she left. I walked her to school and kissed her good bye- I can't believe she' s a big 3rd Grader!I love looking back at our first day of school pictures growing up and laughing at the siblings standing next to us. They've just woken up, their half naked and faces are covered in food. So I thought I'd throw this shot in of Micah with Hatalee, since he is that sibling and he was pretty excited about his "Saurs". I took him looking like this over to the school and one teacher commented "I think you forgot half of his clothes". At least I got one dressed and to school on time. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bees Game

Micah wanted nothing to do with the Bee.
Watching the Game.
I'm sure you can all guess what happened when I had to take Micah off the train- major meltdown. I actually had to pry his sticky little fingers off and pull him away kicking and screaming.
Riding the "Choo".

Monday, August 18, 2008

County Fair

The guys went fishing Friday night, so we took the kids to the County Fair. Now I know why we've never been. Admisison is free but they charge you $4.00 a person to ride the Ferris Wheel (which you shouldn't ride after you've eaten scones the size of your head), it smells like manure, and there are flies everywhere. It really wasn't too bad, Micah did love the sheep but my camera battery died and these were the only pictures I was able to take.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Logan 5K- Here we come! Any Takers????

Todd and Ash are running in the Logan Marathon next month, so we being such dedicated siblings decided to show our support and run the 5K. Hatalee even signed up and has been leaving me in the dust on our runs. Good Luck Todd and Ash!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

High School Musical

Nathans mom gave the girls tickets to "High School Musical" at Capital Theater on Saturday. I bought them High School Musical shirts to wear to the performance, so they could hardly wait for Saturday to come. I'm kind of sad it's over, it's been my only means of bribery for Maren. I kept threatening her all week if she didn't stop teasing her brother, or didn't clean up her toys she couldn't go to the play on Saturday. It worked wonders! We met Meghan at Macaroni Grill and had lunch together before the show. The girls loved every minute of it, and knew all the words to the songs. My favorite part was the guy sitting in front of us who kept standing up and dancing and yelling at the crowd to join in. (I would have got a picture but they already yelled at me for taking pictures inside the theater.)