Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hjorth Family Reunion

This weekend was the Hjorth Family Reunion at Aunt Kristine and Uncle Marks house. All the men went golfing and met up with us at the house later to swim. I think my kids grew fish gills on Saturday they were in the pool so long. They loved jumping off the diving board and just being with cousin Rylee. We had to coax them out to eat and then again to leave, they were in the pool about 6 hours and were sad when they had to get out. Maren and Nathan playing "Keep Away".
Hatalee doing some diving board tricks.
Maren, Hatalee, Micah and cousin Rylee from Las Vegas.
Micah and his "Pa".
Marens diving board tricks.
Hatalee waving underwater.
Aunt Mae-Mae and Micah.


Saucy Lady said...

that looks like fun! swimming pools are great entertainment, My in-laws have one and we love it, it makes the kids so sleepy.

the lunch lady said...

cute pictures! I think 6 hours in the pool would kill me, but obviously they were having fun!

wild murdocks said...

I bet they LOVED that! They are all such little fish! It was nice you got one more good swim in before fall!

Chalan said...

Fun pictures of your kids. Isn't it funny how kids can never get enough swimming? By the way, have I told you I love the name Maren?- so cute! Also, love the half dressed comment on the first day of school. I also think you did good getting one their on time. :)