Sunday, June 21, 2009

The month of May

I've decided the month of May is just as busy if not busier than December. This year Hatalee decided to play Spring Soccer, but I didn't realize how much it overlapped with the baseball season. So between soccer games and baseball practices and all of the end of the school year activities I wasn't sad to see the month of May come to an end.Get your game face on.

This year Hatalee got to run in the Hershey Track Meet. She and her friends did great. They signed up for the after school Track Club and got ready to compete.

Putting those long legs to work- I'm trying to talk her into running and doing track.

Hatalee finally took first place in the 3rd Grade Jump a thon. She has taken 2nd place the last couple of years, and was so excited to finally get that 1st place trophy!


Shellee said...

Oh My. May is a doozy. I love watching my kids do sports. And how about that girl of yours. She is quite the competitor. I bet she is loads of fun to watch, and worth haulin' all over to every single event.

Micah's shark fears are cracking me up. I feel that way in some swimming pools (lakes and oceans too). Maybe I shouldn't admit that?

the lunch lady said...

I totally agree. I hated this may. it couldn't have been busier.